Russia (black & white)

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James Hill is a leading photographer and photojournalist and his images have won many of photography’s most important prizes including World Press Photo, the Pulitzer Prize, the Visa d’Or at Perpignan’s Visa Pour L’Image, and awards from The Over­seas Press Club of America and the NPPA.

He began his career after studies at Oxford Uni­versity and the London College of Printing, leaving England for the Soviet Union in the autumn of 1991.

Plunged immediately into the strife of the war torn republics of the former Soviet Union he worked initially as a freelancer before joining The New York Times on contract in 1995. He was based first in Moscow and then in Rome, from where he departed to cover the battles of the US led war on terror in Afghan­istan in 2001 and the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

In recent years he has returned to Moscow and travels across the world focusing his attention on lon­ger projects as well as in-depth news features. Hill is re­cognised, in particular, for blending a style of environ­mental portraits and landscapes, and mixing an ar­tistic and journalistic awareness of the world around him.